The Progress of the UGM Bimasakti Team in the Student Formula Car Competition

The Bimasakti UGM team is the first Indonesian student formula team from Universitas Gadjah Mada, formed on 26 November 2010. The name “Bimasakti” is taken from the name of a traditional Javanese wayang character named Bima who has a brave, tough, and honest character. The Captain of the UGM Bimasakti Team Generation 11, Aditya Maheranta, stated this on the YouTube channel of the Directorate General of Research and Technology on Monday (30/8).

“The UGM Bimasakti team was initiated by a mechanical engineering student and took part in the competition for the first time in 2011. The competition was the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (Formula SAE),” said Adit.

According to Adit, the formation of the Bimasakti team began with the mechanical engineering students’ desire to excel at the international level.

“In the past, there was a student kart competition in Sentul where students from various campuses made karts. However, recently, there have been fewer competitions. Our seniors thought that we had to go international. We can’t stop here. But the problem is that there is no student kart competition at the international level. Therefore, this competition was finally held. Conceptually, it is similar to karting, but the technology is more sophisticated. Thus, in the beginning, to improve our achievements from the national level, we tried to advance against world-class universities,” explained Adit.

Dinda Astari, Managerial Head of the UGM Bimasakti Team, added that, currently, the UGM Bimasakti Team has 23 active student members from five faculties and seven different departments.

“The Bimasakti team is divided into two major teams, namely technical and managerial. The technical team is the team that makes the car physically. The managerial team takes care of the team as a whole, such as the administrative files needed for the competition. The team members are not only open to engineering students because we also realize that other majors can also enter and contribute to Bimasakti,” added Dinda.

This year, according to Adit, the Bimasakti Team will focus more on research because many competitions are held online due to the pandemic.

“From an engineering perspective, it mostly focuses on research. Because of the pandemic conditions, most competitions are held online. The point of victory can be marked by a good car design. We will make a presentation about it, so for this year, we will strengthen the research part. For our research, there are several projects, but we are most intensively working on aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics,” said Adit.

Next, Adit said that there were several achievements that the Bimasakti Team had obtained in the last two years, one of which was the Formula Student SAE Australasia 2020. The Bimasakti team managed to rank 3 in the business event stage, in the top 4 in the cost report stage, and the top 9 in the design event stage. This year the Bimasakti Team plans to follow the Formula SAE in India.

According to Adit, the Bimasakti Team’s main goal is not to win the competition but to make the country proud and develop human resources and technology in Indonesia.

“If anyone wants to support the Bimasakti team, we are very open to receiving support in any form, not only money but also knowledge. Our main goal is to develop education and technology, so if there are viewers who have any skills related to automotive, we will be very open to receiving suggestions and inputs,” said Adit.


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