About SDGs

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) concerns the exploration, collection, development, and dissemination of knowledge that directly benefits Indonesia’s development and the welfare of its people. To facilitate and synergize UGM’s activities in education, teaching, and community service (Tridharma) to the contribution of sustainable development, UGM is committed to establishing the SDGs Center. The UGM SDGs Center was then inaugurated by the Ministry of National Development Planning on 28 August 2019 in Tara Hotel Yogyakarta.


UGM SDGs Center maps all university activities that are in line with SDGs including inserting the SDGs content in courses and Student-Community-Services (KKN), developing campus internal capacity and building a sense of ownership of SDGs, identifying priorities, opportunities, and the Global Action Plan in implementing SDGs, as well as ensuring the internalization of SDGs into university strategies, policies and work are sustainable.


UGM SDGs Center play its role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals as the national development targets, by providing innovations and solutions for SDGs, creating current and future SDGs implementers, demonstrating how to support, adopt and implement SDGs, and developing partnership and leadership between sectors to guide in responding to SDGs. It is planned that the UGM SDGs Center become a center of excellence in the field of science in accordance with its core competencies, use the pillars of SDGs in the education or teaching process, become partners of the central and regional governments and other stakeholders in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of SDGs. As of now, UGM has been appointed as a Regional Center of Excellence (RCE) in the field of education for sustainable development in 2007. RCE UGM is one of 174 global RCEs recognized by the United Nations.