Regent of Trenggalek Opens Opportunities for Educational Collaboration with UGM

The Regent of Trenggalek, Mochamad Nur Arifin, paid a working visit to UGM on Friday (23/6) where he expressed his interest in establishing collaboration with UGM in the fields of education, research, and community service to the Rector of UGM, Professor Ova Emilia MD.

In education, the regent stated his intention to enhance the quality of human resources in Trenggalek by sending local students and civil servants to pursue their studies at UGM.

“We want to collaborate with UGM to progress and modernize Trenggalek,” he said.

He mentioned that many Trenggalek students and civil servants study and gain experience at UGM, and upon returning home, they are expected to support the development policies in the southern part of East Java Province.

“They will gain valuable experiences that they can bring back and execute when they return to Trenggalek,” he added.

Furthermore, he hoped the rector would consider sending internship students to Trenggalek and periodically sending UGM students to serve in remote villages in the regency in community service programs.

Regarding research, the regent suggested that marine affairs could be one of the collaborative research themes chosen by UGM researchers, as the potential of marine resources in Trenggalek has yet to be optimally developed, apart from the tourism sector.

He also mentioned that President Joko Widodo had proposed the construction of a Science Techno Park (STP) in Trenggalek. However, to establish the STP, he believed that support from various parties, especially UGM, which has many competent researchers, is necessary.

“I think we need to collaborate with many parties,” he explained.

The rector expressed appreciation for the offered collaboration from the Regent of Trenggalek. Professor Emilia stated that UGM would support and commit to enhancing the quality of human resources in Trenggalek through education, research, and community service activities. She also suggested that civil servants in Trenggalek pursue postgraduate education to support the development of the regency.

“We have many master’s and doctoral programs that align with the current world needs,” he explained.

Author: Gusti Grehenson

Photographer: Firsto

Source: Regent of Trenggalek Opens Opportunities for Educational Collaboration with UGM

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