Ugrasena GMAT Wins Gold Medal in Indonesia International Invention Festival

Ugrasena Gadjah Mada Aerospace Team (GMAT) achieved a gold medal from the 2020 Indonesia International Invention Festival (I3F) organized by the Indonesian Aku Association (AKIA).

In the competition, the Urgasena team consisting of five students of the UGM Faculty of Engineering, Dixen Lee, Rafly Rayyaan, Jalu Akbar W, Kansha Eriella S, and Tiara Citra P. They won the Indonesia International Invention Festival Grand Award under the supervision of Catur Atmaji. More than 50 strong teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan attended the online competition on September 16-19, 2020.

“I am so proud to have made UGM and Indonesia proud. Hopefully, our innovations can inspire the Indonesian to remain to innovate in presenting solutions to the nation’s problems,” said Tiara on Wednesday (23/9).

Tiara conveyed this statement at the competition. She and her team proposed an innovative RC airplane design idea as an alternative in hotspot detection and missing person searches. The aircraft, called Audalane, which stands for Automatic Foldable Plane, has several advantages. One of them is the compact and portable design in an aircraft wing that is foldable.

“Another advantage is that we use image processing in a fire detection system using a thermal camera,” she explained.

Audalane’s design uses ABS and polyfoam for the outer structure and a carbon tube for the inside. The plane is 45 cm wide, 31 cm long, and 10 cm high. The maximum takeoff weight is 800 grams. This innovative design is equipped with a 1600 mAh battery that can fly in approximately 15.5 minutes and a radius of 500 meters.

“This audit is also able to detect an oddity temperature from the thermal camera,” she explained.






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