UGM Students Represent Indonesia at Youth Ecosperity Dialogue 2022

Five UGM students participated in this year’s Youth Ecosperity Dialogue (YED) held on 5-10 June at the Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore.

The five students are Marhippu Immanuel Hutagaol, Tarissa Junita (Vocational School), Ricko Kusuma Putra, Ari Firmansyah (Faculty of Engineering), and Alifia Sekar Sriwijaya (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences).

“We are among the 13 delegates from Indonesia at the event,” said Marhippu on Thursday (23/6).

YED 2022 is a forum for young leaders to exchange ideas and collaborate to form solutions to sustainability challenges in business and industry. YED is hosted by the College of Integrative Studies and supported by Temasek Foundation in partnership with Ecosperity Week 2022.

“Through this dialogue, we are deepening our insights into sustainable practices in industry and business,” he said.

As many as 80 youths from ASEAN, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India gathered and discussed sustainable business and industrial development.

“We want industry and businesses to achieve their success without causing adverse environmental impacts. As we only have one earth, we agree on the need to protect the earth as a good legacy for future generations,” said Marhippu.






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