Student Community Service

Broadening awareness, empowering contribution, and strengthening connections to the wider community

Student Community Service has become a compulsory course for our undergraduate students since 1971. Every year we dispatch around 7500 students to rural areas throughout Indonesia to live with the community for 7 to 8 weeks.

This program is designed to solve problems facing the community through a multidisciplinary approach and local community empowerment. Learn more about this program.


UGM Declares Zero Tolerance Stance on Violence

UGM Rector Prof. Ova Emilia has affirmed the university’s stance to take a zero-tolerance approach to violence, especially sexual harassment and violence. The anti-violence campus campaign will kick off online at the annual student community service briefing on Saturday (11/6) ...

UGM KKN-PPM Team Gives Creative Ideas for Using Water Hyacinth

The Karangtengah KKN-PPM 2021 JT033 team has creative ideas for the use of water hyacinth in the Sipon River, Wonowoso Village, Karangtengah District, Demak Regency. Kuntum Khaira Ummah, a member of the UGM Karangtengah 2021 JT033 KKN-PPM Team from the ...