UGM Sends Thousands of Students for Community Empowerment in 400 Villages in Indonesia

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) has deployed 7,079 students from 19 faculties to carry out Student Community Service–Community Empowerment Learning (in Indonesian, it is abbreviated to KKN-PPM) in 31 provinces, 97 regencies, 204 districts, and more than 400 villages across Indonesia.

These students will carry out various community service programs to help address the diverse challenges the community faces. They will also contribute to the government’s ongoing endeavors to alleviate poverty, encourage self-sufficiency, and sustainably improve the community’s welfare.

The Rector of UGM, Professor Ova Emilia, MD, stated that since 1971, KKN-PPM had been a compulsory course for students at UGM as a form of commitment and contribution of the university to serving the community and implementing science and technology for sustainable development.

Additionally, as an off-campus program for UGM students, KKN-PPM serves a crucial role in nurturing the character of UGM students, instilling in them a deep sense of empathy and genuine concern for real community issues.

“With this year’s theme centered around “Inclusion in Serving Together with the Community,” KKN-PPM solidifies UGM’s role in engaging universities in community empowerment programs,” the rector said in her remarks during the ceremonial commencement of the second period of KKN-PPM for the year 2023 on Friday (23/6) at UGM Central Building.

“These programs include poverty alleviation, enhancement of national character, compassion, collaborative efforts, and involvement in the social environment.”

Professor Emilia mentioned that the presence of students and academic staff from UGM, with their diverse knowledge and competencies, can provide valuable contributions to local governments, from identifying the root causes of problems to finding the best solutions for the community.

“So far, KKN-PPM has effectively fostered synergistic collaborations among diverse partners spanning multiple sectors. Thank you to all parties who have synergized in the KKN-PPM activities,” she added.

“And to the students, remember to take care of your health while on duty, uphold UGM’s esteemed reputation with integrity, and wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to working diligently and smartly so that the planned activities can yield a substantial impact and bring pride to UGM.”

The Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan HB X, congratulated the students who will participate in KKN-PPM. As the young generation of Indonesia, through KKN, students can gain additional knowledge and try to help and have dialogues with the community in villages.

“The knowledge gained on campus can be applied through dialogues with the community. Let this KKN be a means of learning to expand knowledge so that the community becomes more knowledgeable and the students understand the problems faced by society,” said the governor.

“Hopefully, you can have good dialogues and benefit from living in the community.”
Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki expressed his hope that the KKN-PPM students can help the community in business development. In addition, the students can also learn to become entrepreneurs.

On the same occasion, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Community Service, and Alumni Dr. Arie Sudjito emphasized that this year’s KKN-PPM adopts the theme of Inclusion in Serving Together with the Community. The students will do offline KKN-PPM activities from June 23 to August 11, 2023.

The second period of KKN-PPM of 2023 will involve 7,079 students from 19 faculties. Among all these students, Arie mentioned that 2,199 students divided into 79 units would carry out community service activities in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, focusing on community empowerment and welfare improvement.

In this period, nine international students from Germany, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Myanmar are also participating, and shortly, several students from Yamagata University, Japan, will join.

UGM sends no fewer than 6,000 to 7,000 students yearly for community empowerment in various parts of the country. KKN-PPM was initiated in 1951, then known as Student Mobilization.

The Student Mobilization program from 1951 to 1962 sends volunteer students to teach and establish high schools outside of Java. At that time, this program involved 1,218 students and successfully built 109 high schools on islands outside of Java. Subsequently, this initiative was adopted by other universities in their respective community service programs.

KKN-PPM has become a mandatory activity for students. Every year, UGM implements this program in four periods: the first period in March-April, the second period in June-August, the third period in October-November, and the fourth period in December-February.

Author: Ika
Photographer: Firsto


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