UGM Receives WIPO IP Enterprise Medal

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) has picked up the WIPO IP Enterprise Medal at the 2022 World Intellectual Property Day organized by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. The award was presented by Vice President Ma’ruf Amin to UGM Rector Prof. Panut Mulyono at the Vice Presidential Palace on Tuesday (26/4).

The WIPO IP Enterprise Medal aims to encourage institutions and businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, to take advantage of intellectual property rights in their business activities.

“UGM received the WIPO IP Enterprise Medal for its success in commercializing research through the UGM Science Techno Park,” said the Professor.

The Science Techno Park, Mulyono added, had translated wide-ranging research results into products and services that contributed to the nation’s economy. UGM also facilitates the protection of intellectual property rights for research and the commercialization of economically prospective innovations.

“UGM is proud and grateful to receive the award. Hopefully, it will spur the enthusiasm of UGM researchers and inventors to keep working and innovating for the acceleration of the nation’s advancement,” said Mulyono.

Director of Business Development and Incubation Dr. Hargo Utomo explained that the award served as public recognition for the commitment and performance of the UGM Science Techno Park in overseeing the commercialization of research and innovation that have real impacts on the community.

In addition, universities play a crucial role in establishing an intellectual property ecosystem and managing the commercialization of intellectual property to bolster increased economic growth.

“UGM is seen to have made a major conVisit Sitetribution to the development of intellectual property through the commercialization of innovation and utilization of licenses. Getting this award from WIPO has pushed us to enhance collaboration between academics and industries,” said Utomo.

The Science Techno Park is UGM’s Technology Transfer Office and works side by side with the Directorate of Research that manages the Intellectual Property Center of the University. These units are tasked with commercializing the University’s innovations, including through the utilization of licenses, and overseeing the protection of intellectual property, respectively.

The Science Techno Park has commercialized research in national priority areas, such as Health, Integrated Agriculture, New, and Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, Engineering, Information, and Communications Technology, and Heritage, Art, and Culture Sustainability Management.

“We hope this commercialization can improve the quality of human capital to boost economic growth and increase competitiveness,” added Utomo.

UGM has facilitated the protection of 25 patents in collaboration with partners and the formation of 185 startups, 33 of which have become spin-off companies. Some of the innovations that have been commercialized are as follows:

  • Health: INA-SHUNT (shunting device for treating hydrocephalus), OST-D (water-soluble vitamin D), GeNose C19 (coronavirus breathalyzer), GAMA-Cha (synthetic bone graft substitute for bone defect maintenance), NPC Strip G (tool for early diagnosis and detection of nasopharyngeal cancer), and Ceraspon (hemostatic sponge made of premium quality bovine gelatin for postoperative bleeding control)
  • Manufacturing, engineering, information, and communications technology: early warning system and detection tool for landslides, digital radiography control device, and Butimo (automatic batik tulismachine)
  • Agrocomplex and healthy food: Kasabi (antioxidant-rich sweet potato chips) and Nutri-Enteral (protein-rich instant liquid food)
  • Stunting-specific products: Forty Milk (synbiotic fermented milk with iron and zinc fortification) and stunting detection kit
  • Start-ups: Bantuternak, i-tallenta, Kalikesia, Wujudkan! Indonesia, etc.






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