UGM Students Create Smart Diabetic Foot Ulcer Assessment Device

Five UGM students of different programs, Aizizha Syeilla Noverlis (Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing), Riki Wartakusumah (Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing), Nias Ananto (Mathematics and Natural Sciences), Taqy Hanawa (Mathematics and Natural Sciences), and Leonita Sephira (Veterinary Medicine), created an AI-based assessment device to assist health professionals in the assessment and medical interventions for patients with a diabetic foot ulcer.

“This prototype was made within four months and funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology,” said the head of the research team Aizizha, Friday (13/8).

Mystic-Wound (name of the device) is a touch-screen gadget that can analyze promptly and accurately wound dimensions, type of tissue in the wound, risk of infection, the wound severity, and various wound closure recommendations. It is also equipped with machine learning technology and a manual to facilitate operators. All assessments are stored on the cloud server and can be printed or kept when required.

“Mystic-Wound is expected to assist health professionals in assessing and determining effective and precise diabetic wound interventions to prevent the risk of errors leading to amputation. It is a handy device in which you take pictures, like when you do with a smartphone, to conduct the assessment. It then analyzes the pictures and displays the results automatically,” said another team member Riki.

The team under the supervision of Anggi Lukman Wicaksana has copyrighted the prototype and looks forward to improving the device’s performance periodically.






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