UGM Faculty of Law and PERADI Establish Cooperation in Advocate Profession Special Education Program

The Faculty of Law (FH) of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) with the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) collaborated on the implementation of the Advocate Profession Special Education (PKPA) program. The cooperation agreement was signed by the Dean of the UGM Faculty of Law, Professor Sigit Riyanto, and General Chairperson of PERADI, Dr. Luhut MP Pangaribuan, accompanied by Imam Hidayat as the Secretary-General of PERADI.

In this online cooperation agreement, Sigit Riyanto stated that the UGM Faculty of Law and PERADI are two mutually supportive strategic partner institutions with a parallel vision and mission in law enforcement. Therefore, based on this collaboration, it will strengthen and be on the same track.

“Both parties are equally committed to carrying out the implementation of PKPA by meeting quality standards and the feasibility of good implementation, paying attention to the actual curriculum or educational materials, preparing quality teaching staff, and providing proper and adequate educational facilities and infrastructure,” he said on Tuesday (6/7).

Regarding the curriculum or educational materials, said Sigit, the two parties who work together have designed it in such a way, starting from the basic material, and litigation and non-litigation procedural law materials. In the delivery of basic material, for example, there will be content on topics related to advocacy, especially how advocates carry out their profession individually and also their relationship to organizational affairs from professional organizations in which an advocate is a member.

“This material also includes the code of ethics for the advocate profession,” he said.

According to Sigit, the entire material will be delivered by lecturers, both from competent academics and legal practitioners who have experience in legal issues. The fulfillment of quality and feasibility standards, actual curriculum, reliable teaching staff, and adequate facilities and infrastructure is a joint commitment of both parties to achieve the ideal PKPA implementation.

“This is in line with the chairman of the PERADI DPN’s statement that PKPA should lead to improving the quality of the profession, not efforts to increase the number of advocates. In other words, both parties share the belief that the ideal implementation of PKPA is one of the important phases to produce lawyers who are professional and have integrity,” he explained.






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