Who we are

Since 1945, Pancasila has been accepted as the national ideology of Indonesia. Pancasila is comprised of five inseparable and interrelated principles articulating (1) belief in God, (2) humanity, (3) national unity, (4) democracy, and (5) social justice. These principles are foundational values that not only control the government, but also guide the lives of the people in the country. In this multiethnic state, Pancasila acts as a pillar that forms an identity and unites the Indonesians. Thus, community leaders and institutions are responsible to educate and socialize these values into the community to ensure that people understand and implement them.

Since 12 July 1995, Center for Pancasila Studies (CPS) at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) has strived to develop the science of Pancasila as a living truth; to solve problems in the community using a multidisciplinary approach. We envision being a world-class center that provides national innovative references for Pancasila studies as well as serving the country’s and community’s interests. Core research themes within the center are nationality, ideology, citizenship, national history, and the civilization of Pancasila values.

CPS brings the community, academics, practitioners, and bureaucrats together to strengthen nationalism and synergize efforts in building Indonesia’s culture through paradigmatic and practical steps.

Our activities include research, studies, training, and regular discussions. As an ideology-based research institution, CPS plays a strategic role in discoursing, developing, and civilizing Pancasila values, both academically and practically, for the citizens’ and national life. We receive support from people across disciplines in conducting operational activities.

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Legislative examination to promote justice

Assessment of ideological resilience

Congress on Pancasila 

Twin Center project

Ethical Management and Strengthening Integrity (EMSI) program