We strive to develop sustainable food and agricultural practices which increase productivity,

ensure food security, sustain workforce needs, improve community livelihoods and well-being,

and strengthen capacity for the adaptation to extreme events.


UGM Researchers Breed New Black Soybean Cultivar

A team of researchers at the UGM Faculty of Agriculture is currently working on a new black soybean cultivar derived from the Mallika variety. The study, which has been ongoing for the past two years, is expected to produce a ...

Smart Agricultural Enterprise (SAE) Boosts Local Soybean Production

The Smart Agricultural Enterprise (SAE) developed by the UGM Faculty of Agricultural Technology has increased the productivity of soybean yields, as seen from the recent harvest of the local variety Grobogan which reached 2.4 tonnes per hectare. In the project ...

UGM Researchers Ranked Among Top 2% of World’s Most-Cited Scientists

  Three UGM researchers, Professor Abdul Rohman (Pharmacy), Professor Muh Aris Marfai (Geography), and Professor Ahmad Maryudi (Forestry), have been listed as the world’s most influential scientists, according to a study conducted by Stanford University. In the study published on ...